Alfonso Vegara: “Cities are not the problem, they are the solution”

The urban planning specialist gave a keynote lecture on innovation and city-planning during the Inception Workshop: Vision and Strategies for 2018.

Alfonso Vegara attended the Think 20’s (T20) first formal event which took place in Buenos Aires on Thursday 1 to Friday 2 February. Vegara, who is the founder and honorary president of Fundación Metrópoli, gave a speech on cities and their importance in the future. He was introduced to the stage by journalist Cristina Pérez.

Vegara talked about the work Fundación Metrópoli has been carrying out for the past two decades which revolved around his theory of supercities. He used different places in the world as examples including Colombia and Singapore.

“We are working on a concept of super cities. It covers those which are inspired by super intelligence, a combination of human and artificial intelligence, which will transform our territories,” said Vegara. He explained: “the cities need to connect and work together. That is where transformation and innovation will occur.”

He also talked about the challenges facing the world in urban areas “Cities aren’t the problem, they are the solution”. He added that: ‘Technology is changing our cities and our cities are changing the world.”

The Inception Workshop: Vision & Strategies for 2018 is the first big event organized by T20 Argentina with its main objective being that Task Forces could meet up in working sessions for the first time.