Task forces

During the Argentine G20 presidency, the T20 will develop policy recommendations through 10 Task Forces. These Task Forces will cover the following issues:

The Future of Work and Education for the Digital Age

This Task Force will make recommendations on how to achieve a well-balanced labor market capable of matching the supply and demand of skills while reducing inequalities and promoting economic and social development. It also aims to provide policy advice to develop educational systems that promote equal opportunities.

Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development

This task force will discuss potential policy options to stimulate public and private investment in infrastructure. It will also design policy proposals to promote the green economy, and evaluate the transparency and effectiveness of PPP to attract more private capital into green finance

Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

This task force will discuss how to improve sustainable food production systems and enhance food security and nutrition. It will also address agricultural productivity and practices that ensure sustainable management of natural resources in a rapidly changing global economy.

Gender Economic Equity

Given that the G20 has a huge potential to deliver on gender equality due to its key role in the global economy, this task force will aim to contribute knowledge and evidence to multilateral forum discussions on how to foster women’s economic rights.

Cooperation with Africa

This task force will aim to integrate cooperation efforts with Africa broadly across G20 work-streams, strengthen G20 members’ commitments to Africa’s Agenda 2063 and explore policy options to promote sustainable development across the continent.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

This Task Force will focus on strategies on how to monitor the progress of achieving the United Nation´s sustainable development goals from 2015. Additionally, it will also search for mechanisms to help G20 members implement these goals.

Trade, Investment and Tax Cooperation

This Task Force will examine how to encourage a rules-based multilateral trade system that broadens the benefits of economic integration while providing the tools to protect those that are hurt by globalization. It will also provide policy recommendations to further advance the international G20 tax agenda.

Social Cohesion, Global Governance and the Future of Politics

This Task Force has the ultimate aim of mitigating the risks of social and political crises and produce a more cohesive, fair and inclusive society.

An International Financial Architecture for Stability and Development

This taskforce will address topics related to the design and improvement of the international financial architecture and offer policy advice on monetary policies for both developed and developing countries.


The task force will study each country´s experiences regarding forced migration as well as migration flows driven by economic and demographical factors.