Angela Merkel: “We look forward to being your guests in Argentina”

The German chancellor was the keynote speaker at the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin. She referred to multilateralism and to the Argentine presidency of the G20 and T20. Watch the complete speech in the video of this article.

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, gave the keynote speech during the first day of the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin. During the speech, she emphasised the importance of multilateralism in solving global challenges and her interest in participating in the next G20 meeting, which will take place in Argentina.

“I am happy to be at the Global Solutions Summit. That you are talking about solutions shows a certain degree of optimism that is necessary if we want to address and master the global challenges of our time; challenges that we will only be able to solve with a global focus,” underlined Merkel.

During the keynote, the German chancellor mentioned the threats which multilateralism currently faces. However, she said it is “crucial to guarantee peace” and stressed Germany’s commitment to promote it and the fundamental role the G20 has to sustain it.

When referring to the role of think tanks in thinking in a creative way to solve problems facing countries, the chancellor said: “There is no lack of challenges, but there is also no shortage of ideas to solve them. This is clearly seen in the Global Solutions Summit.”

Furthermore, Angela Merkel underlined the presence of Argentine representatives at the Global Solutions Summit. “We are looking forward to being your guests in Argentina,” she said, referring to the meetings that will take place in the country as part of the G20. “I know from my conversations with President Mauricio Macro that he is very committed to globalization,” she added.

The Global Solutions Summit is a T20 Argentina associated event that brings together the most prominent think tanks in the world, global policy-makers, business leaders and constructive NGOs with the aim of finding a solution to global challenges. The Summit took place on 28 and 29 May in Berlin.