Contributions to the debate on financing quality education


The one-day workshop is coordinated by the Organization of Iberoamerican States (OEI) and the Commitment Group for Financing Education with the aim of debating matters relating to education financing.


9:00 am: Presentation of the Workshop

  • Alberto Croce, GCFE – CADE
  • Andrés Delich, OEI
  • Alejandra Cardini, T20 Argentina – CIPPEC
  • Marcela Browne, C20-Fundación SES

10:00 am: Panel 1: Politics and education financing

The first panel searches to put at center stage the debate on education financing at a government level (executive and legislative) and understand its current state.

  • Jose Luís Riccardo, president of the Education commission, Member of Congress
  • Daniel Filmus, Member of Congress
  • Jaime Correas, Minister of Education in the province of Mendoza
  • Claudia Balagué, Minister of Education in the province of Santa Fe
  • Sergio Siciliano, Education subsecretary for the province of Buenos Aires


12:00 pm: Panel 2: Technical aspects of education financing

The second panel will allow attendees to understand different points of view on the topic, through research and studies that analyze national education financing.

  • Axel Rivas y Daniela Dborkin, CIPPEC
  • Oscar Cetrángolo, Economist UBA-CONICET
  • Leandro Bottinelli, Education Observatory, UNIPE
  • Guillermo Parodi, Press Secretary, CTERA


2:30 pm: Panel 3: What can we learn from international experiences?

The third panel will examine international experiences which can be useful to us to understand the different approaches to the topic, the regional challenges and the positions taken on the subject by social organizations.

  • Daniel Cara y José Marcelino de Rezende Pinto, Universidade Estadual de Río de Janeiro
  • Camila Crosso, president of the Worldwide Campaign for Education (via video)
  • Javier González, SUMMA – Chile
  • Adrian Falco, Tax Justice network for Latin America and the Caribbean