International roundtable on “territory, infrastructure and sustainability”

T20 Argentina associated event

The International Urban Development Association (INTA) will organize the roundtable on “territory, infrastructure and sustainability” to reflect on the policy briefs of the T20 Argentina Task Force on “Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development”. This is in relation to urban policies and the territorial projects in the following cases:

– Montreal: Sylvain Ducas, former director of the Urban Planning Department at the City of Montreal 

– Ibagué: Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, mayor, former president of the Colombian Association of Capital Cities

– Bogotá: Alejandra Rodríguez, former city councilwoman, responsible for the latest submission of the Bogotá Land Management Plan

– Puebla: Myriam Arabián, city councilwoman, president of the Commission of Urban Development and Environment of Puebla


Friday 27 July

Section 1. Introduction

09:30 Breakfast and welcome

10:00 Institutional presentation of INTA-CIPPEC-T20

10:30 Urban metabolism. Case studies presentation.

13:00 Lunch break

Section 2. Debate and Development on the recommendations of the T20 Task Force on Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development

15:00 Recommendations for metropolitan governance with case studies.

16:30 Coffee break

16:45 Recommendations on funding infrastructure with case studies

Saturday 28 July

Section 3. Conclusions

09:30 Breakfast

10:00 Elaboration of the final document

12:00 Conclusions and closing