Scaling Development Finance for the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement

T20 Argentina associated event.

In support of the T20 Task Force on ‘An International Financial Architecture for Stability and Development’, Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center (GDP Center) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) will bring together a group of experts and policy makers to produce a vision that can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Emerging market and developing countries (EMDs) face enormous financing gaps in their efforts to trigger the structural transformation of their economies in a manner that is lower carbon and socially inclusive. This global workshop will cover how developmental financial institutions, including both the ‘legacy’ multi-lateral development banks in addition to multilateral and national development banks from the global south, can scale up and coordinate their efforts to address this central challenge. Moreover, the workshop will examine how these institutions can use their funds more effectively; managing risks and remaining accountable to their respective missions and development goals.

This workshop will convene members of the T20 Task Force on ‘An International Financial Architecture for Stability and Development’ with global experts and select policy makers to engage in a global dialogue on these issues. Following the event, co-chairs of the T-20 Task Force will produce a policy brief for the T-20 process and the GDP Center and UNCTAD will write a brief for a broader audience that attempts to synthesize the main discussions and policy lessons of the workshop.

8:45 am: Welcome and Introductions

9:00 am: Candelaria Alvarez Moroni, Government of Argentina

9:30 am: Panel I: Opportunities and Barriers to Scaling Up Development Finance

Christopher Humphrey, Overseas Development Institute, UK
Waqas Munir, Hubert Humphrey Fellow
Lavinia Barros de Castro, Brazilian National Development Bank, Brazil
Stephanie Griffith-Jones, Initiative for Policy Dialogue, Columbia University

11:00 am: Coffee Break

11:15 am: Panel II: De-Risking Development Finance

Krishnan Sharma, United Nations Financing for Development Office
Sven-Uwe Mueller, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
Irene Monasterelo University of Vienna, Italy and Boston University

12:45 pm: Lunch Presentation: Richard Kozul-Wright. UNCTAD Trade and Development Report

2:15 pm : Panel III: Measurement and Accountability

Daniel Bradlow, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Nancy Lee, Center for Global Development
Rogerio Studart, Brookings Institution

3:45 om: Coffee Break

4:00 pm: Closing Plenary: Scaling Development Finance

Marilou Uy, G-24 Secretariat
Amar Bhattacharya, Brookings Institution
Diana Barrowclough, UNCTAD
Kevin P. Gallagher, BU GDP Center

5:00 pm Reception