T20 and its policy proposals on fiscal policy and tax matters: Tax competition and expenditure

T20 Argentina associated event

The T20 Argentina Task Force on Trade, Investment and Tax Cooperation developed various government policy proposals, such as those that highlight taxes linked to competition and tax expenditure.


9:30 am. Event Presentation: Vice president of the AAEF (Argentine Association of Fiscal Studies), Dr. Carlos Abeledo
9:40 am. Introduction to the topic: Member of the AAEF board of directors and from the T20, Dr. Gabriela Rigoni
10:00 am. Presentation of the G20’s fiscal agenda during the Argentine presidency, Director of International Taxation,  G20 Forum Special Unit Dr. Alex Saúl
10:20 am. Description of the work carried out by CARI/CIPPEC in the framwork of the T20 2018. Director of Economic Development, Dr. Martín Rapetti
10:40 am. Presentation of the document on tax competition, by author-coordinator Dr. Christian von Haldenwang
Discussion on the mentioned document by co-authors Agustín Redonda and Gabriela Rigoni
11:10 am. Presentation of the document on tax expenditure, author-coordinator Dr. Agustín Redonda
Discussion on the mentioned document by co-author Christian von Haldenwang and Pablo Carreras
11:40 am. Opening of the exchange with the public
12:10 am. Closing of the event

If you are interested in attending, please register online for the event beforehand