Economic Migration and the Role of Cities – Ensuring Social Cohesion

Cities are at the forefront of welcoming migrants and providing them with basic services. This often puts pressure on cities and already scarce resources. Some cities have experienced resentment of their inhabitants towards migrants. With an intensifying global migration crisis this could become a serious threat to the social cohesion within host countries.

Although integration is a complex issue, finding adequate work is often an important requirement. Through language training and vocational education cities are taking a lead when it comes to labour market integration. And though they play a pivotal role, cities are not involved in any decision-making around migration, education and employment policies as these are usually national competencies.

We call upon the G20 leaders to recognize cities as active agents in managing migration. We suggest to give cities a place at the policy negotiating table and equip them with adequate funds to fulfil the important task of integrating migrants.

Task Force: Migration