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Policy briefs

Financial Inclusion for Women: A Way Forward

This policy brief suggests that to close the gender gap it is necessary for G20 countries to follow a series of measures to overcome the walls facing women to access and use financial services.

Carolina Trivelli
Carolina Villanueva

Gender Mainstreaming: A Strategic Approach

This policy brief puts forward three pillars to address gender gaps in public policies, their implementation and impact: systematic reviews of policies, laws and regulations that limit women’s economic activity; gender budgeting; and improving the quality of gender disaggregated data to support impact assessments, policy analyses, and advocacy.

Margo Thomas
Cesar Cordova Novion

Bridging the Gender Digital Gap

This policy brief brings forward the argument that women need agency and capacity to leverage access. The authors highlight the need to make an assessment of the global gender gap and develop meaningful indicators that contribute to the design and implementation of effective policies that drive adoption.

Judith Mariscal
Gloria Mayne