The G20, present in the T20’s Inception Workshop

The Treasury Minister, Nicolás Dujovne, and the G20 Finance Deputy, Laura Jaitman, presented the Argentine priorities for its presidency of the international forum.

The morning of the first day of the Inception Workshop: Vision and Strategies for 2018 was attended by national officials who outlined the Argentine priorities of its G20 presidency.

The Treasury Minister, Nicolás Dujovne, called it an honour and a challenge for the latin american country to assume the leadership of the international forum. He also reaffirmed the value multilateral dialogue has: “The G20’s work, to drive international policy coordination and address global economic challenges, is as critical as ever.” He also said the Argentine presidency will search to improve the inclusive growth of the economy.

In his speech, Dujovne talked about the role of the T20. “Civil society, including the T20, the private sector and all engagement groups have a crucial role to play to achieve a presidency of which we will all feel proud,” he said and added “think tanks and academia make a significant contribution to the G20 dialogue via the T20, this year will be no exception”.

For her part, Laura Jaitman, the G20 Finance Deputy, gave an overview of the priorities for the Finance Track: the future of work in the digital era and infrastructure. In respect to the former, she said: “our task is to manage the challenges and to promote benefits for all and to sustain innovation and growth in the future”. She added that Argentina aims to achieve a mutual understanding between countries and propose discussion areas which require international cooperation. In respect to the latter, she underlined the importance of the private sector in developing infrastructure and said Argentina will develop a roadmap which will include topics related to standardization.

The Inception Workshop: Vision and Strategies for 2018 is the first time that the Think 20 (T20) can work together face-to-face.  Click here for the entire program of the Inception Workshop: Vision and Strategies for 2018 and follow our live coverage of the event on Twitter.