The Think 20 Argentina will be taking part in the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin

32 members of the engagement group will participate in the seminar panels which brings together the best think tanks in the world and will have Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, as a keynote speaker

The Global Solutions Summit will bring together leading think tanks from around the world, global policy-makers, business leaders and constructive NGOs with the aim of finding solutions to global challenges. The event, which takes place on May 28 and 29 in Berlin, is the latest important meeting between Think 20 (T20) Argentina co-chairs. In September, the T20 Summit will take place in Buenos Aires where the Communiqué, the final document containing evidence-based public policy recommendations, will be handed to the G20 presidency.

The conference will involve high-profile speakers such as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, other representatives from a range of G20 governments, the Nobel Laureates George Akerlof and Edmund Phelps, and officials of organizations such as the OECD, the United Nations and the World Bank. There will also be 32 T20 members, made up of co-chairs and members of government bodies.

“Every opportunity that brings together and facilitates the exchange of ideas between think tanks is very encouraging. In this respect, the Global Solutions Summit offers another opportunity to continue the debate of the briefs which will be considered for the T20 Summit,” said José María Lladós, executive director of the Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI).

For her part, Julia Pomares, executive director of CIPPEC, said: “The Summit is an excellent platform to construct a bridge between experts, global decision makers, business leaders and NGOs. It brings together think tanks from all over the world to begin designing interdisciplinary solutions for global challenges. It is the ideal prelude for the discussion that we will undertake in September, during the T20 Argentina Summit.”

The T20 at the Summit

The T20 Argentina will have an important place during the event organized by the Global Solutions Board. Throughout the two days, there will be twelve Think 20 sessions on topics related to the Task Forces, such as the future of work in the digital era, food security and sustainable agriculture, climate change and infrastructure for development, gender equity, the future of politics and more.

32 members of the engagement group will participate in the panels. This includes co-chairs, members of the Strategic Committee such as Jorge Argüello, president of the Fundación Embajada Abierta, and Gerardo della Paolera, executive director of the Fundación Bunge y Born. From the Advisory Board there will be Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and G20 Sherpa, Irene Natividad, founder and president of GlobalWomen Inc., and Julia Pomares executive director of CIPPEC, one of the institutions that organizes the T20 Argentina.

“The Global Solutions Summit is an opportunity for academia, researchers and public policy makers to dialogue in the search for solutions to global economic and social challenges,” underlined Pablo Ava, co-chair of the Policy and Research team. His counterpart, Martín Rapetti, said: “It is an important stop on the way to our great event which is the T20 Summit in September. At the Global Solutions Summit we will have the opportunity to talk and contribute ideas to the great challenges that face the world: climate change, international commerce, gender equity, food security and the future of work. Our objective is clear: contribute proposals based on evidence that serve to create a sustainable, prosperous and fair world.”

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