The T20 participated in the 3rd Inter-American Congress on Climate Change

Lanfranchi, co-chair of the Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development Task Force, gave a keynote speech about the role of cities in facing the challenges of climate change.

The Think 20 (T20) Argentina was present at the 3rd Inter-American Congress on Climate Change organized by the Inter-American Association of Health and Environment Engineering with support from its Argentine branch, which took place in Buenos Aires from May 8-10.

Gabriel Lanfranchi, co-chair of the Task Force from the T20 Argentina “Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development”, gave a keynote speech and provided a diagnosis of the current state of climate change, with the focus being on the face that cities are and will continue to be the stage for the main challenges related to climate change. “We live in a time of exponential change. We will not solve exponential problems with linear solutions,” he said. Lanfranchi presented, as an example to follow, two programs; “Intelligent City and Collaborative Economy Plan” and “Resilient Agba”. 


Lanfranchi also introduced the Task Force he leads, the Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development Task Force. It is made up of more than 80 researchers from 24 countries that work in four thematic blocks and they will produce five documents on public policies. Two of them will highlight the key role of cities to achieve the goal of lowering temperatures and implementing the contributions determined at a national level (NDCs).

The congress was attended by researchers, national officials, members of international organizations, entrepreneurs, professionals, teachers and students linked to the topics related to climate change. During the conference, there were five thematic round tables and technical-scientific projects were presented on new technologies that address the subject (click here to see the complete program).