The T20 will discuss the future of work and education in the digital era in Buenos Aires

Around a thousand international experts, Argentine government officials, representatives from international organizations and the business community will come together at the CCK to participate in the T20 Summit.

The Think 20 (T20) community will come together in the engagement group’s final event,  on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 of September in Buenos Aires, with the aim of sharing its public policy recommendations with the Argentine G20 presidency.

The T20 Summit will also be an opportunity for participants to discuss the relevant topics the T20 focuses on, such as .

The T20 Summit’s agenda on the future of work and education in the digital era:

  • Education in the Digital Age: Moderator: Ben Petrazzini (International Development Research Centre). Cristóbal Cobo (Ceibal Foundation), David Buckingham (Loughborough University) Ty Goddard (The Education Foundation), Lucia Acurio (Edutec Group) and Axel Rivas (CIPPEC and University of San Andrés)
  • The Future of Work in the Global South: Hernan Galperín (University of Southern California), Urvashi Aneja (Tandem Research), Gastón Podestá (Accenture), Ramiro Albrieu (CIPPEC) and Christoph Ernst (International Labour Organization). Moderator: Ben Petrazzini (International Development Research Centre).
  • Education for the Future: Global Perspectives for Local Solutions: Claudia Costin (Fundación Getulio Vargas), Kazuhiro Yoshida (Universidad de Hiroshima), Mathias Urban (Universidad de Dublín), Javier González (SUMMA) and moderator Alejandra Cardini (CIPPEC).
  • Plenary Session: The Future of Work and Education for the Digital Age: Carmen Pagés-Serra (Inter-American Development Bank), Elena Pisonero (Hispasat), Shwetlena Sabarwal (World Bank), Mark Graham (Oxford Internet Institute), Sergio Kaufman (Accenture) y Martín Rapetti (CIPPEC).
  • Side Event: Artificial Intelligence: Ethical, Social and Human Rights Challenges (UNESCO): María Vanina Martínez (CONICET), Ignacio Maglio (Hospital Francisco Javier Muñiz), Carolina Golia (IBM), Karina Pedace (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and moderator Lidia Brito (UNESCO Uruguay).
  • Side Event: Skill Demand, Occupational Shifts and Transferability of Workers (Inter-American Development Bank): Carmen Pagés-Serra (Inter-American Development Bank): Danilo Trupkin (Argentine Ministry of Production and Labor) and Ignacio Apella (World Bank). Moderator: Antje Uhlig (GIZ).

The complete T20 Agenda

Watch the main debates live on September 17 and 18 here.